Aqua Style Beds – Preston If you’re located in Preston and are looking for high quality, comfortable water beds, we can provide you with some of the best waterbeds we have available. We pride ourselves on the customer satisfaction and quality of the water beds we supply, so you can be assured of easy and comfortable sleep. There are more to waterbeds than just comfort, several doctors even recommend using water beds to people that suffer with back problems; this is because of the way the water bed is designed. The bed helps straighten the spine and reduce the straining. If you suffer from back problems it is extremely recommended to use a water bed at night Another reason for purchasing our water beds is because they are suitable for asthma and allergy sufferers; this is because the beds are very easy to clean it prevents dust and bacteria gathering up over a long period of time. Whereas a normal bed would require a lot of work and effort to clean, our waterbeds only require you to wipe it down.. There are also several more reasons to use a water bed such as hygiene, usually beds require a lot of work and effort to clean, this is because dirt and bacteria builds up over time. Please feel free to browse our range of water beds here , and if you have any questions please us for free at 0800 0732 404 or visit the Contact Us page.