Aqua Style Beds – Blackburn Aqua Style Beds supply high quality water beds in the Blackburn area, if you’re searching for comfortable, high quality water beds. We can provide you with some of the best water beds available. Aqua Style Beds pride themselves on the high quality and comfort of the water beds that they supply. Although the beds are very comfortable, they aren’t the only reason to purchase these water beds. People who suffer from back problems can benefit a lot from using water beds, as the way they’re designed actually helps straighten the back when sleeping and helps with back pain. Water beds are also suitable and recommended for people who suffer with asthma, this is because the beds are very easy to clean, whereas a normal mattress gathers dust and bacteria over time, water bed can be cleaned easily by wiping it down. Aqua style beds only deal with manufactures of the highest standard; we pride ourselves on the high quality water beds that we supply. We have several water bed suppliers such as: Sterling, Christian Elise, TT.I, High & Dry and much more. if you have any questions please us for free at 0800 0732 404 or visit the Contact Us page.