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Thinking of buying a waterbed? You will be amazed by the benefits for your health.

What medical benefits waterbeds have?

It is a fact that waterbeds have the capability to practically simulate weightlessness. This is because waterbeds tend to conform to the shape of your body releasing the pressure of your body weight. This type of ‘ floating ‘ can be extremely therapeutic in the treatment of a huge array of varying medical conditions from cystic fibrosis to arthritis to cerebral palsy and rheumatism as well as a whole raft of other conditions.

How can a waterbed help with arthritis, rheumatism, and cerebral palsy?

Three characteristics that make a waterbed purposeful as well as desirable is the sense of weightlessness which means your body floats on top of the bed rather than sinking in at your heaviest pressure points as you would with a traditional mattress. This relieves pressure on many areas of the body especially the joints such as the knees and hips, which takes a percentage of your weight even when you are asleep. Naturally, this pressure relief is beneficial to anyone suffering from life long disabilities and conditions.

The second advantage of a waterbeds for these conditions is the heat given off. This heat has beneficial effects on joints as well as relieving stiff and aching muscles and improving general circulation. People suffering with pain in joints can attain temporary relief from lying on a waterbed compared to a traditional bed.

With your body having sleep can have a unwanted effect of the brain. To gain a comfortable nights sleep can be an immeasurable reward to people who are unable to sleep properly.

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Can the waterbed help with allergies, asthma, eczema and other respiratory problems?

The simple answer is yes. Across the country people share their beds with all kinds of dust including mould and dust mites known from bacteria. These things are an accepted part of life and many people are not affected by them. There are, however, millions who sufferers from allergies to these unwanted guests and for those, a water bed may be the solution you have been looking for.

With a regular mattress we drop skin cells, which find their way down into the interior of the mattress. Over time all these different types of particles combine with other elements such as oils, salts and humidity make the mattress a breeding ground for all kinds of creatures and dangerous elements such as mould spores.

The advantage of a waterbed is that it does not allow the skin particles to penetrate into the mattress itself. This means that simply removing and washing the mattress cover in a hot wash of in excess of 60° will kill off any threatening bugs and the mattress will remain free of these harmful, unwelcome guests.

Can a waterbed help me get a good nights sleep?

Insomnia can be a very serious and life destroying condition. Unfortunately it is not rare and around a third of all adults will suffer the debilitating effects of a lack of sleep.

The main beneficial effect of waterbeds on sleep disorders is simple relaxation. The removal of pressure on the joints and other areas of the body is combined with the floating effect to enable the body to relax. Together with the heat, a waterbed has the ability to assist in truly restful sleep which makes a water bed a wonderful tool for those who have difficulty sleeping.

One thing we can say is, we have had over the years had many trusting customers who when first came to us with their medical issues, have believed that a waterbed has helped to rebalance their life because of a good nights sleep.